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The SWCD has two 10-foot Haybuster 107 no-till drills available for rent. Both drills are equipped with a grain box, native grass seed box, and legume box.

Haybuster's grain and grass drills are truly all purpose drills. They will seed a wide variety of seed; from warm and cool season grasses and legumes to small grains and soybeans. These drills work will in conventional, minimum till, and no-till operations.

Horsepower requirements: 50 HP Minimum - Dependent upon terrain and soil conditions


$150.00/minimum charge

Deposit: $150.00

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Dew Drop Drill

Dew Drop Drill

The Dew Drop Drill is a native grass drill equipped with twin seed boxes. It's designed to handle a variety of seeds including warm and cool season grasses, small and large grains, wildflowers, forbs, legumes, and many commercially available food plot mixtures.

Seeding Width is 3 ft. Can cover one acre per hour at 3 mph.

The drill requires a minimum 350 cc ATV.

$150.00/day (rental includes trailer for easy transport)

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Tree Planter

We have a tree planter for rent. This machine runs with battery operated hydraulics.

The fee for renting the planter is $50.00 per day with a $50.00 deposit.

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