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One Watershed One Plan


Redeye River

One Watershed, One Plan has the opportunity to benefit the Redeye River Watershed greatly!

The Redeye River Watershed straddles two lake-centric watersheds: the Otter Tail River and the Crow Wing River watersheds. Redeye River has very few lakes as is instead dominated by streams. Planning on a county boundary has placed emphasis on protecting lake water quality. While the Redeye River has never been completely ignored, it has never had the benefit of being the focus of county and and SWCD efforts.

This process is officially underway! There are several important groups that determine the fate of this plan; the Policy Committee, the Advisory Committee, and the Planning Team. They have all met and are ready to start. Click the 'Details' link below to learn more.



Otter Tail River

The Otter Tail River Watershed has not started.

Stay tuned for updates.