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Leaf, Wing, Redeye River One Watershed, One Plan


The  Leaf, Wing, Redeye, 1W1P is officially complete and just about all the partners have adopted the plan for implementation. With that milestone done, we can start looking forward to implementation. Stay tuned over the next several months as the Policy Committee sets up a team for implementation. Stay tuned for exciting documents like a grant workplan, budget, and education and outreach plan.

BWSR Order to approve the LWR1W1P

Plan Approval Letter from BWSR

Signed Memorandum of Agreement

Check here to see the partners that have adopted the plan

LWR documents

Leaf, Wing, Redeye Important Documents

The Leaf, Wing, Redeye 1W1P was approved on DATE by the Board of Water and Soil Resources. The final plan is intended to provide a guide to local resource professionals, including SWCD and county staff, on where to spend their time and money to get the best results. Please see below for the plan and supporting documents that were developed as part of the plan.

Leaf, Wing, Redeye One Watershed One Plan- This final document outlines the priority issues, areas, and practices within the watershed. It is intended to guide and track our progress improving water quality over the next ten years (until 2031).

Formal comments- These comments were received as part of the public comment period. There was an extensive informal review period before the final version that lead to such positive comment letters. Local staff and state agencies met and discussed changes to the plan many times during the informal comment period.

Redeye 1W1P Goals- We made measurable goals that are reasonable to attain in ten years. Some of these goals will require an investment of time and money. These goals reflect where we think the bulk of our time and money can be used to achieve benefits to the water resources in the watershed.

Land Management Prioritization- Cover crops, tillage management, nutrient management, irrigation management, and other ag best management practices are a huge part of the Redeye 1W1P. There is way more land and too many practices for us to be able to fund all the great practices we want to do and see in the watershed. To get the best results, we are starting in the highest priority areas based on the information in this document. This framework will guide the implementation throughout the watershed.

6 Page Summary- This summary is designed to be a simple and understandable way to show what is in our our 1W1P. It includes a brief overview of the watershed, major issues or opportunities in the watershed, measurable goals for the next ten years, and actions we will be taking to improve the watershed.

Other Leaf, Wing, Redeye 1W1P Important Documents

Important Documents

Implementation Workplan- in progress

Final Signed Implementation Bylaws- in progress

Final Signed Implementation MOA

All the planning documents are now housed here in a google drive for your convenience.

All the planning presentations from state agency partners are housed here.

Almost all the funds for the Redeye Planning Grant are gone, we are working on using the last few dollars to create an education and outreach plan or media campaign. The most recent financial summary can be viewed here.

Redeye 1W1P Planning Grant All-Details Report

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Implementation Team Agendas and Minutes

Policy Committee- link coming soon!

Advisory Committee- link coming soon!

Planning Team Agendas and Minutes

Funding for this project was provided by the Clean Water, Land, and Legacy Amendment. For more information see this and this webpage.

Photos of the Redeye River and activities in the watershed

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