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Otter Tail One Watershed, One Plan

One Watershed, One Plan

One Watershed, One Plan is a program sponsored by BWSR for locals to write a water plan on a watershed boundary. Traditionally, these plans have been written based on county boundaries but we are moving away from that model to ones based on watersheds. This is a beneficial changes that should help plans be more cohesive and impactful. We'll look at all the issues and protection needs in a watershed and prioritize them. We'll create goals to restore and protect the most important water bodies. Local governments, counties; SWCDs; and watershed districts, will adopt these plans after the Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) and other state agencies review the plans.


Recent Updates

The Otter Tail One Watershed, One Plan process is about to begin!

Partners have agreed to a workplan, timeline, and budget. (click links to view)

We are now taking input on about the priorities in the watershed. If you are interested in participating please use this link or the button below to take the short survey.

Stay tuned for other updates in the next several months as the process begins to ramp up.

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