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Water Testing

Water Testing

EOT Nitrate Testing

The East Otter Tail SWCD offers free nitrate testing at our clinics (results while you wait) and by walk-in/drop-off at our office (results in 1-3 days).

Our next Nitrate Testing Clinic will be July 30, 2022 during Redeye River Days in Sebeka. Bring your well water sample to the Sebeka Town Square, from 10 am to 1 pm Saturday.

Why test your water?

Why test your water?

Nitrate-nitrogen is a common contaminant found in many wells throughout Minnesota. Shallow wells, dug wells, and wells with damaged or leaking casings are the most vulnerable to nitrate contamination. It is recommended to test your drinking water supply on a regular basis.

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Further Testing

What if my water has nitrate?

Nitrate levels of 0 to 10 ppm is considered safe by the EPA and the MN Dept of Health. If above 10 ppm nitrate concentration*, you should have your water re-tested at a certified water testing laboratory. Our nearest certified testing lab is RMB Laboratories in Detroit Lakes. RMB can also test your water samples for other contaminates if desired.

*Infants 6 months of age and under should not have water above 10 ppm nitrate used for formula.

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